Everything Art-O-Mat…

If you don’t know what Art-O-Mat is, check out the link on the right side to get a brief history of my previous Art-O-Mat entries…

I’m working on another batch of prints for Art-O-Mat. With it, I’m adding one new photo to the collection (see photo attached with this entry).

Another new component with this round of Art-O-Mat pieces is a surprise…literally. One of the boxes will contain a book of all seven photos in the Art-O-Mat collection. Who will the lucky person be? Hopefully they will add an entry to the blog to share their surprise with us.

Keep an eye out for Art-O-Mat. My work is in the following, updated, locations:

Argentum – Wakefield, RI
Bucks County Library – Doylestown, PA
Caruso Home – Southview, MI
Chambers Hotel – Minneapolis, MN
Charlotte Library – Charlotte, NC
City of Suffolk – Suffolk, VA
Governor’s State Universtiy – University Park, IL
Pop Deluxe – Madison, WI
Rayko – San Fransico, CA
Whitney Museum – NY,NY

Finally, if you’re in Winston Salem, North Carolina on August 18, 2007 check out the Art-O-Mat swap meet. For more information check out their website www.artomat.org