Blog - Milwaukee Photographer Corey Hengen

A little time and blood can go a long way. Donated blood today at the Blood Center of Wisconsin.

It was a windy day out at Pike Lake today.

I spent yesterday morning working with Jan Pierce at his office in the Lincoln Warehouse.

Today was the first time I’m been on my bike in 8 days after dealing with Benign Positional Vertigo.

Today’s hike with Maxine was cut short due to a huge blister!

A fun little nine mile hike with Maxine today on the Nordic Trail in the Southern unite of the Kettle Morain.

After three day of dizziness it’s time to go see the doctor. I found out I have a good old case of Benign Positional Vertigo. A little time off the bike and some PT I should be back and ready for RAW!!!!

The second day of Ride Across Wisconsin hill training! Today’s ride was a 25 mile loop out of Mount Horeb, WI.