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With only a week to go before your first day of RAGBRI here are the top 10 things I would tell everyone.

1. Drink a lot of water & electrolytes. All day and night. Iowa is hot and you will not find any shade!

2. Bring some cash. Every small town will have food & drink vendors and bike shops. Our favorite restaurants on the road is called Carb Hut usually phone at the midday lunch stop. One of the best bets for dinner is the Hy-Vee grocery store chain. Free WiFi and Air conditioning!

3. Put the sag wagon phone number in their phone. And register for severe weather text.

4. Don’t take candy from strangers! 😜

5. Bring some gels/bars just to have in their jersey pockets!

6. Bring two or three pair of spandex two switch out every day.

7. Instead of taking showers wear your spandex to the public pool. Free wash!!!

8. Start your day early to avoid the sun if you can.

9. Sun screen SPT 50.

10. Go out and see the band HAIRBALL!!! It’s a great show!

The light this morning was Beautiful on the Allen Bradley building on my way to the gym to teach my spin class.


Today was hill sprints day in 90º heat

21.86 miles


15.4 MPH avg speed

33.7 MPH max speed

837 feet in elevation


How do you spend your 12th anniversary? Volunteering on the Hunger Task Force Farm!
After a quick tour of some of the buildings, and the fish hatchery, Maxine and (and the 20 other volunteers )I got to work.
Today we prepped, washed and packaged 73 crates of lettuce (803 pounds), and weeded 16 beds of vegetables in the children’s nature educational garden.IMG_9119 IMG_9118 IMG_9124 IMG_9115

I coached my 45 min. spin calls this morning at The WAC and then spent time doing some core work and stretching.


It was a hot one today out on the Hank Aaron Trail.


24.8 Miles
1:29:15 time
16.64 mph average speed
30.57 mph top speed
702.1 feet elevation gain.




RECOVERY DAY!!! Just went out to spin out the legs!


The number from my ride tonight at the Milwaukee Mile!
6 Laps solo no drafting
10.4 Miles
32:45.22 time
19.02 mph average speed
25.71 mph top speed
105 feet elevation gain.

Thanks to Andy Feuersthaler and Velocause Centraal Cycling for putting on a great event! See you next year!!!IMG_8986IMG_8988 IMG_8978

Last time I did this ride was last year right before RAW. Today I shaved 17 minutes off that time! Solo ride out of Greenbush, WI!!!
58.0 Miles
15.02 mph avg.
41.51 mph top
3848 feet!
Ok my Garmin tells me 3848 feet of climbing today but Strava claims 4479 feet. So I’m going to go with the Garmin’s numbers.