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Today was my longest run ever 2 miles!!! And with only 7 more days till my first 5K I’m feeling good!

On our drive home this weekend we stopped at the Grumpy Troll for a beer and some pizza!!!

Yesterday we added two Lodge Cast Iron skillets to our family. Maxine got a 10″ meet skillet and a 6″ single egg skillet!!! Seasoning & cleaning video’s coming soon.

Today was my longest run to date!!! 1.7 Miles 40 sec. run/20 sec. walk.

November 1 — December 31 Milwaukee’s Outpost Natural Food is running buy a bag. For $20, Outpost donates $40 worth of natural and organic foods, including fresh produce, to those in need. 100 percent of your donation goes to buy food and support Hunger Task Force!

Only in Wisconsin can you ride you bikes on the Cheese County Trails!!! Cheese County Trail runs from Mineral Point to Monroe WI.

Fall is in the air and on the trees!