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It was 22 years ago yesterday that the movie “RAD” hit the theaters. Now if you’re not a BMXer you may not know about the movie. If I was you I WOULD NOT run out and rent it because it sucks. Even if you are a BMXer it still sucks, but it has a special spot in your heart. Happy anniversary everyone in the know.

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Art O Mat informing me that I’ve been inducted in the “AIC 1099 Club”. This club is for the top selling Art O Mat artists, selling more then $600 in one year. In addition to being inducted in the AIC 1099 Club, I also received a kick ass 1099 Patch.

Back in May (May 18, 2007), I mentioned that I submitted some work to the “Mail Me Art” collection in England. Well, today I received an email from the “Mail Me Art” folks informing me that out of the over 600 pieces submitted, my photo is one of the winners! My photo, along with 199 other pieces, will be in a book that will be printed and sold in bookstores and museums all over the world. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on when and where you can buy it.