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What a great action-packed weekend of cross country skiing and snowshoeing! Michigan your people in the UP know how to do winter!!!

After talking with Kyle from 1840 Brewing the other day, he stopped by and dropped off a bottle of Wild Wit for me to try! Looking forward to opening this up and sharing it with some friends this weekend!  

Today I tried Uinta Breweing’sLime Pilsner. I can see drinking this on a hot summer day at the beach or after mowing the lawn, but not in February in Wisconsin!!!

On our drive home this weekend we stopped at the Grumpy Troll for a beer and some pizza!!!

Thanks to my buddy Justin for bringing in a bottle of Lakefront Brewerys Black Friday beer from 2014.

Today I stopped at Little D’s Pizza to pick up a spinach and artichoke pizza to go and to celebrate National IPA day with a Wisconsin Brewing Co. PsycHOPs IPA.

A new piece of public art at the Pabst Brewery Complex. Artist unknow.

Time for a growler of beer and a pizza at the Grumpy Troll Brewery in Mount Horeb, WI.