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My wife and I took a weeklong road trip this month. We camped in Loleta, Pennsylvania; spent a night in Niagara Falls; and hung out in Toronto, Canada.

Loleta – We enjoyed a peacefully quiet camping trip in the Allegheny National Forest. We ate grilled cheese and veggie brats over the fire, drank the local brew, and took a couple hikes on the nearby trails.

Niagara Falls –We had a great view of the falls from our hotel. Though we only stayed one day and night, we managed to see it all. In addition to seeing the falls (on both Canadian and U.S. sides), we visited a couple “off the beaten path” taverns and hung out with locals. The folks in the Wild Mushroom, on Victoria Avenue, made our stop enjoyable. They convinced us to visit the next door haunted house, which scared my wife to death. She chickened out just before we got to the end! Bauk Bauk, chicken..

Toronto was our last stop, and probably my favorite. It is the cleanest, friendliest, most racially diverse city I’ve ever visited. And they have the best hot dogs; vegetarians welcome.
After visiting the observation deck and standing on the glass floor, at 1,122 feet, of the CN tower, my wife and I walked through the downtown theater district. The Diesel Playhouse was showing “Evil Dead – the Musical”. We got tickets to the 7:30pm showing on Friday. Talk about hilarious. I highly recommend this show to anyone who can catch it. It has music, dancing, zombies, blood, gore and so much more.
Finally, I got a couple great shots of some street musicians (a hobby of mine). The one posted is of Joseph from South Africa.

To see more photos check out my flickr page.

Recently I entered and ASMP photo contest. I also just sent out one of my pieces to Surry, England to be a part of the collection called “Mail Me At” If you don’t know about “Mail Me Art” check out the website The photos I submitted are attached to this posting.

This month I also started a vegetarian recipe blog. It’s a collection of my favorite recipes. I encourage you to check out the site and try some of the delicious dishes. I’ve collected these tasty delights over the years from my mom, wife, friends, and from traveling around the world. You’re welcome to add your own!

Finally, I must share a movie I heard of from craigslist. “Possum Death Spree” is its name; it’s a hilarious B movie. The 4 minutes and 43 second long movie is jam packed with blood, guns, and talking possums. It even has subtitles for those of us who don’t speak possum. The movie was directed by Michael Horowitz and Gareth Smith. Check it out for a good laugh.

Talk to you next time…

Last friday night my wife & I saw the Godriguez/Tarintino double feature Grindhouse. If you like hilarious, action packed, B horror movies, this is a must see.
I’m glad we saw it in a theater instead on a DVD at home, because you can’t get enough of each scene! Alone, the ending car chase is reason to see it on the big screen.

And speaking of going to see something, I know where you can purchase my Art-O-Mat
pieces. So if you’re on a business trip or road trip, stop in and check out my Art-O-Mat pieces at:

Caruso Home Accents – Berkley, MI (Detroit burb)
Kentucky Center of Performing Arts – Louisville, KY
Flying M Coffee House – Boise, ID
Clients & Profits – Bonsall, CA (LA burb)

Finally, every year when the first warm day of spring hits, I open the house windows, sit down in my office, and end up spending an entire day rocking out to music I grew up listening to. This April’s edition of CHP Radio was created for you to relax and think of all the summer fun to come.

My new website is up!!
It’s been tested and it’s now up and running.
If you’ve just come to my site, let me know what you think.
If you haven’t seen the new website yet, check it out!
When you’re on my new site sign up for CHP Radio, a new addition. CHP Radio will be updated and emailed out once a month. I’ll program your requests as they come in.

I have to Thank Rick B for all the time he spent on my new site.

In other news, I have just been pickup by the gallery, “Outside the Box,” in Sheboygan, WI (owned by Chris and Chris). While looking at my work, owner Chris Kuck may have had the best quote in a long time. Chris exclaimed, “Sorry to sound totally 80’s but this print is tits!”
So if you find yourself in Sheboygan, stop by and check out my work and say hello to Chris and Chris
You can find them at 1109 N. 8th St. Also just down the street from Outside the Box is a Art-O-Mat machine at the Mead Public Library. Sorry to say I don’t have anything in this one but still a cool think to check out.

If you have just bought one of my Art-o-Mat pieces, Thank You.
Now share a little about yourself.
Who are you? Where are you from?
What city, state or country did you get your piece in?
What piece did you get?
Where are you going to put it, or are you going to give it to someone as a gift?
Are you one of the lucky nine people that got one of the surprises? If so what did you get?

Check out my web site to see my other
Art-O-Mat pieces and the rest of my work.

All of the Art-O-Mat photos are for sale on my website for $10.00 each. All pieces are 2 1/8 x 3 1/4
Email me for more info at

Top three of the month:

1. The folks at Art-O-Matic have accepted my work. I’ll have four pieces in vending machines somewhere in the U.S. or England. I’ll pass on the location specifics as I receive them.

2. I’m updating my CHP website. New photos, links to this blog and my Flickr page will be added. I’m also adding CHP radio where you can listen to 60 minutes of new and old school jams, and even send in requests. The new webpage will be up for the February blog posting.

3. Earlier this month I dusted off my old Hasselblad and shot some film (what do you think? Check out other pics on my Flickr page: It was great shooting film again and walking away from the shot not knowing if the light was good, or if I got what I wanted until I used the light table. That climatic anticipation is a big part of why I fell in love with photography.

I’ll talk to you next month.

Welcome to my blog. This is my first entry and I’m going to recap 2006. It was a big year for me; I married the woman of my dreams, and traveled around Europe for my honeymoon.
I saw the passing of my long time companion Spokes (my 15 year old dog), but I got new energetic dog, Walnut.
Currently around Milwaukee, my home and hometown, I have two photo exhibions showing. If in Milwaukee you should stop at Soup Bros, on 2nd and Florida, to enjoy an awesome cup of soup, and see my show “Street Music”, capturing street musicians all over the United States. Or check out “17 Days in Europe” at Anthilia in Wauwatosa, to enjoy some of the visual pleasures Europe has to offer.

AND, I want to wish you Happy Holiday Season!