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If you live in MILWAUKEE or WISCONSIN for that matter, you definitely know that this Labor Day Weekend is the HARLEY-DAVIDSON 105th Anniversary celebration. Of course, all the local businesses want to cash in on the hundreds and thousands of bikers from around the world that are in town this weekend. Many of these businesses, have signs out in front of their business or store telling people H-D Riders are welcome. This is by far the best sign I’ve seen this weekend.

Here is my “Top 10 Most Played” songs off my Ipod.

1. Last Night In Town “Lucero”
2. I Wanna Destroy You “The Circle Jerks”
3. Kiss the Bottle “Jawbreaker”
4. Hurricane “The Championship”
5. Forest Whitiker “Brother Ali”
6. Beer For Breakfast “The Replacements”
7. Buttercorn Lady “Art Blakey” w/ The Jazz Messengers
8. Sailin’ On (Rock for Light) “Bad Brains”
9. Smart Went Crazy “Atmosphere”
10. West Wye “Avail”

It’s been a while since my last blog… but I have an excuse, really. My wife and I just bought and moved into a new home, and have been scrubbing it from head to toe, for eight to ten hours a day, for the last ten days. Ugh… This is a self-portrait I did of Maxine and myself after the first ten hour scrubbing session, on our very first day in our new home.

If you find yourself on a road trip this summer. Keep your eyes open for my work in these Art O Mat machines.

Argentum – Wakefield, RI
Crocker Art Museum – Sacramento, CA
Sam Flax – Orlando, FL
Whole Foods – DC
Rayko Photo Center – San Francisco, CA
Chambers Hotel – Minneapolis, MN
Accents Design – Goshen, IN
UNL – Lincoln, NE