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If you have not done so already please email, fax and call you Senators and Congress person to ask them to vote NO on both the House of Representatives Orphan Works bill and the Senate Orphan Works bill. Both bills are way to broad and seriously limit an artist’s right to protect their own work. Even the House bill, which is being touted as the better bill, puts the onus on the artist to register their images twice, with the Copyright Office and with a newly developed Orphan Works registry, in order to not be considered an Orphan or “abandoned” Work.

You can use the follow web sites to get information to contact you appropriate representative. I faxed, email and called my represenatives and I urge you to do the same.

Illustrators Partnership of America

For more information on the issue please go to:

APA National

It was 22 years ago yesterday that the movie “RAD” hit the theaters. Now if you’re not a BMXer you may not know about the movie. If I was you I WOULD NOT run out and rent it because it sucks. Even if you are a BMXer it still sucks, but it has a special spot in your heart. Happy anniversary everyone in the know.

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Art O Mat informing me that I’ve been inducted in the “AIC 1099 Club”. This club is for the top selling Art O Mat artists, selling more then $600 in one year. In addition to being inducted in the AIC 1099 Club, I also received a kick ass 1099 Patch.