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My favorite weekend of the year is here! The Bay View Pumpkin Pavilion starts tonight.
Check out the BVPP page on facebook for more info!22310221_1071630202940615_5286618890725619612_n

My first attempt at making ramen!

Have fun and train all year long! Wheel & Sprocket’s indoor cycling Training Hub brings the fun of outdoor group riding indoors so you keep riding all winter long.

This year I’ll be coaching Tuesday nights at the Hales Corners store and two classes on Saturday morning at the Fox Point store

For more info check out Wheel & Sprocket’s web page.

Hengen field trip to the Swan’s Pumpkin Farm to pet the goat’s and get our jack-o-lantern.


Out a rainy morning walk and stopped by the mural on Bay View Printing Co.

Maxine and I stopped out for the most important meal of the day.