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Week 6 is in the books!

“Don’t buy upgrades: ride up grades.” Eddy Merckx


With all the snow we received this week I got time to go out and enjoy winter in Wisconsin!


Week 5 is in the books!

Bicycling Training Journal tip of the week.


  1. Snug your clothing, and if you’re racing,plaster down your number.
  2. Keep your bottle on the seat tube rather then the down tube.
  3. Shoe covers save seconds.
  4. the greatest drag on your bike is your body. to mitigate this, move your hands from the hoods to the drops.


It’s lunchtime at the Coop! Today it’s a salad with Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch.


I was on location today at Miller Park! 60 more days till the Milwaukee Brewers home opener!IMG_7314