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I just downloaded and playing around with thenew app by Prisma.
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Earlier this month I spent the weekend in Hayward, Wisconsin to photograph the 43rd annual Lac Courte Oreilles Honor the Earth Homecoming Celebration and Traditional Pow Wow.
20160716LCO Pow Wow151

20160716LCO Pow Wow143

20160716LCO Pow Wow131 2

20160716LCO Pow Wow098

This is an image of my wife and myself in front of Mikey’s house from the Goonies.
It looks fine for a iPhone photo, just a little flat. So this is what we are going to do…

1. Open the image in Photoshop.
2. Image, mode and switch it to lab color.
3. Image, mode and switch it to 16 bit/channel, then in your layers menu click on channels and click on the red layer.
4. Image, adjustment, levels, add 20 to your black and take out 20 from your white slider (this you will have to play with a little depending on how much contrast you want in your image).
Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.10.42 PM
5. Turn back on all of your layers in the channels
6. Image, mode and switch back to 8 bit/channel
7. Image, mode and switch back to RGB color.





Tonight WMSE’s will be lanching it’s SMASH ALE 2016. Be first to try this tasty brew at Urban in Bay View on Friday, July 22. WMSE DJ & Milwaukee legend Paul Cebar will spin! Urban Bay View have invited Iron Grate Bbq Co. to be on hand as well.

WMSE DJ Drew from Poundcake Punk teamed up with Company Brewing to make this truly unique summertime beer. A portion of the proceeds from this launch event goes to support your favorite radio station, WMSE.

20160719Trash Scouts019
Here are some short clips from my wife band playing at Chill on the hill. This is the first time I have played with my video on my Canon 5D mark III.

This weekend we picked up a free hammock frame built for two. Thanks Chris Roth!!!

After a long day of work at LOC’s Honor The Earth Pow Wow we stopped at Angry Minnow Brewing in Hayward, WI. I had a great mushroom veggie burger and a easy drinking Big Brook IPA.
20160716Angry Minnow002

20160716Angry Minnow001