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Happy New Year, from a warm and sunny Cancun, Mexico!!!

After 18 years of watching Holiday Horror Movies, it was time that Maxine and I sat down and updated our list of the movies from years past. You’re welcome!!!

2022: The Nights Before Christmas (2019)

2021: Mercy Christmas (2017)

2020: Black Christmas (2019)

2019: Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987)

2018: Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

2017: Black Christmas (1975)

2016: Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)

2015: Krampus

2014: Elves (1989)

2013: Silent Night (2012)

2012: Jack Frost (1997)

2011: Rare Exports : A Christmas Tale (2010)

2010: Christmas Evil 1980

2009: P2 (2007)

2008: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1965) “recommended by Pat Sajak”

2007: Black Christmas (2006)

2006: The Gingerdead Man (2005)

2005: Santa Slay (2005)

Tis the night before Christmas… as Maxine and I get ready to sit down for our Christmas Eve tradition – a soft candlelight romantic dinner of tater tots & broccoli cheese tots, and a good old holiday B horror movie – we just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!!!! And if you are wondering, this year’s turd of a movie is the 2019 smash hit “The Nights Before Christmas”

If you are still looking for a holiday gift idea for that special someone. Semolina MKE offers Pasta Making Classes!

This year marks for 5th Turkey Trot. This year I did the Festival Foods, Turkey Trot at American Family Field.

If you are a runner and live in or around Milwaukee this is a great run. It is well organized and the route is beautiful. Ho yes, I PRed the run also!!!

Tomorrow is the day my winter 5K running season kicks off with the Dea de Los Muertos Festival & 5K at Forest Home Cemetery. Witch is also the final resting spot for both of my parents. Come out and run, work or enjoy the party as we celebrate the people who are no longer with us.

Dea De Los Muertos Festival

Today marks three years that this little dude has been part of our family!

On tis date 17 years ago Maxine and I went on our first date!


Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 4.49.40 AM