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I forgot that the sole of riding shoes have a hard slippery slope and you should not walk down wood stairs! My feet slipped out from underneath me and I fell down the steps. I hit my back on one of the steps so hard that broke the step! Good thing I had my helmet on because I hit my head on the wall.

I’m okay but banged up.



I ran my first 5K of 2021. It was a little slower than I want.

The first mile went great. Halfway into mile two, I started getting pain in the outside of my knee. And had to slow down and walk from time to time.


Vaccine number two is in my arm. I am fully vaccinated! Take that COVID!


Round 1 of the COVID-19 vaccine is in my arm!


Maxine has been waiting since May for her Pelican Mustang Kayak and it came in today. Now for the ice to melt so she can get out on the lake. Look out summer 2021!!!