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Here is one of the photos that I did for my friends over at PROBAR this past weekend when we were in Colorado.IMG_0436

The first day of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park is in the books. Six miles on Deer Mountain, a quick lunch in the car then we headed off to the Lily Ridge Trail.  IMG_0252 IMG_0324



This is a beautiful time-lapse of the sunset over the Rockies while we were in Colorado this weekend. Video by Maxine

After a long morning of travel (delayed flight), we made it to Estes Park, CO.

With a view like this from the porch, I don’t know if I’ll go anyplace.IMG_0472



With autumn is in the air Maxine & I headed out to the Nordic Trail in the Kettle Moraine for a day of hiking! We even stumbled across a Geocache. IMG_0163 IMG_0166 IMG_0171 IMG_0169 IMG_0168


























After talking with Kyle from 1840 Brewing the other day, he stopped by and dropped off a bottle of Wild Wit for me to try!

Looking forward to opening this up and sharing it with some friends this weekend!



Yesterday was a great day for a hike on the Ice Age Trail out of Lapham Peak State Park.IMG_9984 IMG_9985 IMG_9987 IMG_9986